Compliance into the Weeds is the only weekly podcast which takes a deep dive into a compliance related topic, literally going into the weeds to more fully explore a subject. This past weekend saw some of the largest protests and violence this country has seen in 50+ years in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. In a very somber episode, in this podcast Matt Kelly and Tom Fox try to make some sense of leadership responses to the protests over the Floyd killing and explore if there is a compliance-based approach to remedying the institutional racism which led to his killing.


A good general summary of anti-racism resources:*DxXs7K_umbRHlS1kzEln3g

A website that gives you specific bail funds for your city: The Bail Project, a nonprofit that aims to mitigate incarceration rates through bail reform.

Other places to donate:

  • Black Visions Collective, a black, trans, and queer-led social justice organization and legal fund based in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

  • The Minnesota Freedom Fund, which pays criminal and immigration bail and bond for people who cannot afford it.

  • The Brooklyn Bail Fund, which helps pay bail for those who cannot afford it.

  • The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, which supports racial justice through advocacy, litigation, and education.

  • Communities United Against Police Brutality, which operates a crisis hotline where people can report abuse; offers legal, medical, and psychological resource referrals; and engages in political action against police brutality.

  • Northstar Health Collective, a St. Paul–based organization that provides health services and support at protests.

  • The ACLU, which provides legal services and support for a broad range of people with civil rights complaints.