In the Episode, I am joined by Louis Perold, founder of Citadel Compliance. Perold has with more than 20 years’ experience in legal and compliance across various industries including financial, oil and gas, mining, retail and manufacturing. He has successfully transformed and operationalized global ethics and compliance risk management programs from concepts to real-world practices and infrastructures that work. He is a strategic business partner and team-focused leader experienced in delivering proactive solutions that help protect organizations from compliance failures, liabilities, and reputational damage. He is also a well-respected global educator, advocate, and influencer on ethics and compliance risk management effectiveness and best practices.

We visit about his founding of Citadel Compliance, the current state of ABC compliance in South Africa and how Covid-19 has impacted business in South Africa. Some of the highlights include:

  • What does Perold hope to bring to the market through your own compliance consulting firm, Citadel Compliance?
  • How does Perold assess the current state of anti-corruption compliance in South Africa?
  • Have internationally focused South African companies come to embrace ABC compliance as a way of doing business?
  • For companies who want to do business in South Africa, what are some of the key issues from the compliance perspective?
  • What are some of the ways coronavirus has impacted compliance in South Africa?


For more information on Perold, check out the Citadel Consulting website here.