Tom Fox chats with President and founder of Simple SEO Group, Brendan Egan, in this week’s show. Brendan is a podcast host as well as a contributing author to Entrepreneur Magazine. His recent article entitled Marketing Dos and Don’ts During A Crisis is the focus of discussion on this week’s episode of Innovation In Compliance.

Marketing During A Crisis

“Your marketing is really what’s going to drive your business and drive your revenue and determine whether or not you’re successful,” Brendan tells Tom. In day to day business, and especially during a crisis, you need to look at marketing based on your short-, medium- and long-term objectives. Brendan points out that you shouldn’t make any knee-jerk decisions that would impact your long-term growth or integrity. Instead, make short-term alterations to your marketing during a crisis that demonstrates how you’re supporting and looking out for your customers. Your medium and long-term plans will most likely be unaffected, Brendan says.

Why Lawyers Need To Listen

Legal and compliance practitioners need to understand the importance of marketing, especially in these times. Brendan remarks that marketing is a grey area with a lot of overlap: marketing can overlap into a company’s culture, into the legal space, and even the compliance department. The most successful businesses take a company-wide approach to marketing. In addition, companies need to be fluid in order to respond proactively to a changing world. Tom comments that Simple SEO Group’s time horizon approach allows them and their clients to respond to ever-changing information in a productive manner.

Marketing Is Essential

Tom asks, “How are you helping corporations think through how they can effectively market in an economic dislocation?” Brendan responds that he started Simple SEO Group during a recession, so he is well versed in helping businesses make money in spite of the economic downturn. “During a recession, marketing becomes that much more important,” he says. “It almost becomes… an essential service.” More and more companies are turning to digital marketing because their usual marketing channels are drying up, he says. Survival is a matter of being open to new marketing opportunities, especially online, so you can continue to grow during COVID-19 and beyond.


Article: Marketing Dos and Don’ts During a Crisis

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