Imagine you are in your BED and just don’t want to get out. You might feel a little fear, depression or shame. You want to pull up the covers and stay exactly where you are, but it’s time to flip off the covers, jump in your canoe and start paddling with your OAR and go from playing the role of a victim to becoming the victor.

I’m joined by my dear friend Marty Stanley on this #jammingwithjason #internalauditpodcast to discuss her “Get Out of B.E.D.” model. A simple model you can remember and use to get you out of blame, excuses, denial / drama and instead take ownership, accountability, and responsibility for you actions. Get out a pen and paper so you can draw the model and we talk through each part.

This simple model has helped me for years and I am so excited to share Marty and her model with each of you.

To get a copy of the Get Out of B.E.D. model and connect with Marty, visit her website: her at:, or connect with her on LinkedIn: