From Vaudeville to the Silver Screen to the Small Screen, the Marx Brothers made an impact wherever people found them. Now Tom Fox and Mike Volkov have wedded their love of the Marx Brothers with their passion for compliance and bring them into the boardroom to help explain and explore the sometimes-chaotic world of governance, risk-management, ethics and compliance. In this episode Volkov and Fox consider the recently released FCPA Resource Guide, 2nd edition. Highlights from the podcast include:

  1. Is the 2nd edition an update or replacement?
  2. Why was it released now?
  3. What takes precedence; the 2nd Edition or the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs?
  4. What is new in the 2nd Edition?
  5. What are the significant changes from the original FCPA Resource Guide?
  6. The FCPA Resource Guide is the best one volume on all things FCPA. It is a must have for every compliance professional.


Mike Volkov

Part 1-Introduction

Part 2-New Case Updates

Part 3-Updated DOJ Policies

Part 4-Legal Issues and Clarifications

Part 5-Effective Compliance Programs and Internal Controls

Tom Fox

Part 1-The New Hallmark

Part 2-FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy

Part 3-the Accounting Provisions

Part 4-DOJ Policy and Case Law Updates

Part 5-Final Thoughts