Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley.

As the Great Women in Compliance podcast continues looking at Black Lives Matter and how our professional community, we are so grateful to Jennifer Newton for joining Lisa.  Jennifer is an attorney at GreenbergTraurig and focuses on banking and financial institutions on risk management and compliance matters.  She is also one of the founders of the National Association of Black Compliance & Risk Management Professionals (NABCRMP), an organization that is starting out and is dedicated to networking, promotion and advancement of Black Risk Management Professionals.

She has spent her career in the financial and regulatory compliance world and has great insight on that area as a whole.  We discuss the importance of diverse viewpoints, and also how the failure to do so can actually increase risk and issues for an organization as not all views are included at senior levels, and “in the room where it happens.”  NABCRMP is intended to help increase the number of Black compliance professionals, build a community and network, and help with career development and growth.

She also provides some great insights about what is happening right now – both with corporate statements and with actions and next steps.  And, we also discuss how allies and others, including the GWIC community can help to support Black E&C professionals and NABCRMP.

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