The FCPA Compliance Report is the longest running podcast in compliance, airing on July 31, 2015. This week begins a series of podcasts leading up to the 500th anniversary episode of the FCPA Compliance Report, which will post on Monday, August 31. Over the next five episodes, I will post podcasts of 5 top FCPA and compliance commentators. Over this week, I will be joined by Mike Volkov, Matt Kelly, Jonathan Armstrong, Jay Rosen and Jonathan Marks. Each will speak about the evolution of  FCPA enforcement and compliance from their own unique perspective. In this episode, I visit with Mike Volkov, founder and principal of the Volkov Law Group. We take a look back at the evolution of FCPA enforcement over the past 10 years.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Volkov looks all the way back to the Father of the FCPA, Judge Stanley Sporkin to see the beginnings of cooperation credit under the current FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy.
  • Why was the Parker Drilling enforcement action a seminal moment in FCPA enforcement?
  • Why the 2012 version of the FCPA Resource Guide was such an important step forward in FCPA compliance. Why the 2020 FCPA Resource Guide, 2nd edition was so welcomed.
  • The continued evolution of the DOJ on both FCPA enforcement and best practices compliance.
  • From reading the tea leaves to the 2020 Update to the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs.

The Lineup

I hope you will listen in to each episode over this week. The lineup will be:

Tuesday, August 25- Episode 496-Matt Kelly in changes he has observed in compliance from the business journalist perspective.

Wednesday 26, August Episode 497-Jonathan Armstrong in changes in data protection/data privacy compliance.

Thursday August 27-, August Episode 498-Jay Rosen in changes in compliance from the business development perspective.

Friday August 28-, August Episode 499-Joanthan Marks on changes compliance mirroring those from internal audit.

Monday, August Episode 500-the Anniversary Episode.