Welcome to a special five-part podcast series where I take a deep dive into the Miller & Chevalier Chartered 2020 Latin American Corruption Survey. Over this five-part series I will visit with firm lawyers James Tillen, Matt Ellis, Alexandra Almonte and Greg Bates. Miller & Chevalier and 14 partner firms have tracked perspectives on anti-corruption issues in the region since 2008. It is the most comprehensive survey on the perception of corruption in Latin America.

This year, 54 percent of survey respondents said corruption is a significant obstacle to doing business – up 10 percent since 2012 – while only 45 percent of respondents believe offenders are likely to be prosecuted, down from 66 percent in 2008. Despite Latin America’s anti-corruption progress over the last decade this new survey data reveals corruption risk to be at an all-time high across the region.

In this Episode 1, I visit with firm Member James Tillen on the Survey’s findings on region-wide corruption risks and region-wide perceptions of corruption and effectiveness of local anti-corruption laws. Some of the highlights include:

  • Miller has been tracking views of corruption risk in the region since 2008. How do businesspeople perceive corruption risk in this Survey v. prior years?
  • What kind of questions did Miller ask respondents to inform these perceptions of risk?
  • What is the significance, if any, that risk has gone up at the same time that enforcement has gone up in the region over the last 10 or so years?
  • What areas of government in the region are seen as most corrupt and least corrupt?

Join us in our next episode where we explore Survey findings on some country-specific corruption issues with Matt Ellis.

For more information on the Miller & Chevalier Chartered 2020 Latin American Corruption Survey, click here. The Survey is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.