In this episode of Across the Board, I visit with Andrea Bonime-Blanc, founder of GEC Risk Advisory. She recently joined the Advisory Board of the Crisp Thinking Group. We visit about the need for compliance expertise on a Board. Some of the highlights include:

  1. What Crisp is and what products/services they provide?
  2. What is your role at Crisp?
  3. We have long urged for a Compliance SME on Boards. Why is this such a critical need?
  4. Were you brought on to the Board to be the ‘adult in the room’?
  5. You have another book out, Gloom to Boom. Can you tell us about it? How has it been received, most particularly during the pandemic?


For more information on Crisp Thinking click here.

For a copy of Andrea’s book Gloom to Boom, click here.