I have seen the future of compliance conferences and it is here; as in today. Wednesday, October 7, 2020 was the first day of CONVERGE20 and it has set the standard for compliance conferences going forward. (Full disclosure – I worked for Convercent on the speaker selections.) It is by far the best compliance conference of 2020 for several reasons. I hosted one panel today and was engaged in several others throughout the day.

The engagement of the over 3,000 registrants was incredible as it all starts with engagement. There were questions posed to the presenters; there were questions posed to those attending the online event; and there was commentary by all on all of the parties; presenters and attendees. For anyone who has wanted engagement with other compliance professionals, CONVERGE20 was not simply a breath of fresh air but more like a blast of compliance breeze rustling through the entire profession, literally across the globe. Finally, CONVERGE20 did not have the tech disasters and failures which have been seen at recent conferences.

Even after the sessions ended, the engagement continued in the Converge Community. I was stunned to see Richard Bistrong, who moderated a panel entitled “Bad Apple, or Toxic Barrel? Building a Culture That Preempts Bad Behavior”, which featured Asha Palmer and Scott Sullivan as panelists, still engaged in the ongoing discussions nearly an hour after his panel ended.

All of this is clearly where compliance conferences are headed as we look at virtual conferences well into 2021. Moreover, the economic reality of the next 12 to 18 months may well mean that both educational and travel budgets for conferences are severely impeded. A $3,000 conference registration fee with the same amount of spend for travel to/from NYC, Washington DC or other major conference venue may not be something that is economically viable for the vast majority of compliance professionals in the near future.

This definitely impacts the economics of conferences which are built around the fees charged for the compliance vendor community who show at these events. If there will not be the same level of attendance, it is hard to see that the same level of sponsorship fees can be charged, even if it comes with a coveted speaking slot. As CONVERGE20 is self-funded by Convercent, you see how the conference model is very different now. This means the conference is free to all attendees. Moreover, what compliance professionals want now is engagement with their peers so having tech which facilitates this seamlessly is what the attendees desire. Delivering a tech solution which fails right out of the box does no one any good.

Have you registered yet? It is not too late. As I said, the entire event is free. CONVERGE20 is a pinnacle component of this community, with inspiration, growth and where connections are made. What makes Convercent’s CONVERGE conference so unique and, indeed, so special? It is the Converge Community who attend the event. This year is no different as you will have the chance to experience that Converge Community in the most unique way yet presented in a compliance conference.

Who can you see and hear on Day 2?

  • Matt Galvin and Janine Smith on The ROI of Ethics & Compliance: The proof is in your program.
  • Jenny Kim on How Behavioral Science Powers Empathetic Workplace Policies.
  • Don Sinko, Adelle Elia and Rob Chesnut, on Integrity v. Compliance-the Future of Our Profession.
  • Mary Shirley, Lisa Fine and Lisa Beth Lentini Walker on Bypassing burnout: Maximize your ethical impact, grow your career, and empower your team.
  • Mary Gentile on Giving Voice To Values: The HOW of Values-Driven Leadership Development.
  • Pamela Davis, Cheryl Wahl and Valerie Charles on the 2020 Update to the DOJ’s Corporate Compliance Guidance.
  • Charles Schwager, Will Simmons and Keturah Pestal on Transforming Your Code.
  • Phillip Winterburn on the Future of the Ethics Movement.
  • Ian Foxley on Whistleblower Protection: The Dawn of the Next Era.
  • Guendeline Donde, on Small budget, big impact: Scrappy compliance with limited resources.
  • Aaron Narva, SVP at Exiger on Who Owns the Risk? What Social Pressure and an Integrated View of Risk Mean for the Compliance Officer.
  • Sam Silverstein and Asha Palmer on the Accountability Workshop.

In short, there will be something for everyone in the compliance community.

I hope you will join me in attending Day 2. I will be speaking, moderating panels and engaging as well. Registration for CONVERGE20 is still ongoing. Need some CLE or CEUs? This will be the place for you. Did I mention the best part? All of this is at NO CHARGE. Yes, CONVERGE20 is free to attend. So, head on over to the Registration  page and sign up today.