This week is Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. It is our week to celebrate our profession and those working in it. As the leading Voice of Compliance through my Compliance Podcast Network, I thought I would celebrate this year with a special series of podcasts celebrating various forms and aspects of compliance. If you have not listened to any shows on the Compliance Podcast Network, I hope you will take this opportunity to check out this most vibrant voice in compliance. Each day during this week I will feature four special podcasts celebrating some aspect of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

In a special five-part podcast series, to celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, The Six Elements of an Effective Compliance Program, sponsored by StoneTurn Group, LLP, we look at some strategic issues as we consider each of the six elements required for an effective compliance program. These elements include: Risk Assessment, Governance and Structure, Policies Procedures and Controls, Training and Education, Oversight and Reporting, and Response and Enhancements. Over course of the series, I will be joined by Stephen Martin and Valerie Charles, Partners at StoneTurn and Toby Ralston and Jamen Tyler, Managing Directors at StoneTurn. The series posts at 11 AM CT each day this week.

In the first episode, I visit with Stephen Martin on the foundational compliance tool of risk assessments and in the second episode, we discuss compliance program governance and structure. In the third episode, I visit with Jamen Tyler on training and communication. In episode four, I visit with Toby Ralston on policies, controls and procedures; the backbone of compliance. And, in the fifth and final episode, I visit with Valerie Charles on two separate elements; the Board’s role in compliance program oversight and internal reporting and responses to issues coupled with ongoing monitoring to lead to continuous improvement.

At 10 AM each morning, in a special podcast series sponsored by Convercent, we celebrate the passion that each of us brings to compliance. One of the reasons I took the moniker Compliance Evangelist is that I am very passionate about doing compliance in the corporate world to help fight the global scourge of  bribery and corruption; which the United Nations (UN) estimates costs the global economy over $3 trillion annually.

During the series, I visit with five Convercent folks on why they are so passionate about driving ethics to the heart of business. In the first episode, I visit with Philip Winterburn, Chief Strategy Officer at Convercent, who will discuss his passion around bringing the rigor of data analytics to compliance and helping compliance officers to make data-based decision. In the second episode, I visit with Jennifer Jaffe, Chief Product Officer, about her passion in developing software solutions to help clients solve thorny issues and ethical product development. In the third episode, I visit with Stephanie Holmes, Director of Solutions, about her passion of helping companies to align to do the right thing in business and unlocking the power of data by the compliance professional. In the fourth episode, I visit with Autumn Sanelli, Senior Director of Professional Services, about her passion of helping companies to evolve their ethics and compliance programs through employee engagement and continuous monitoring leading to continuous improvement. In the fifth and final episode, I visit with Asha Palmer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer & EVP, Converge. Asha has a great passion about passing along her zeal for compliance to the next generation of compliance professionals.

Where does creativity fit into compliance? In more places than you think. Problem-solving, accountability, communication, and connection – they all take creativity. Join Tom Fox and Ronnie Feldman on Creativity and Compliance for a tactical series about how you can use creative ideas during Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. This podcast series posts at 1 PM CT each day.

In Episode One, in our first Siskel and Ebert Point/Counter-Point, Ronnie comes in smoking on what he thinks about Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week and Tom has a more lawyerly, measured approach. Which would work for you and your organization? In the second episode, we discuss using talk shows to communicate about compliance. We consider how you can create a compliance and integrity themed Talk Show to help foster greater communications with your employee base. In our third episode, we introduce the use of contests and games and discuss some of these ideas that can be used to help make your compliance team and your compliance function more approachable. In episode Four, we introduce the idea of bringing in outside speakers and having them visit (virtually) with your employees. You can expand this to a keynote talk, all of which is designed to help build your compliance brand within your organization. In our final episode, we wrap up the series by discussing things you can do to foster greater communication for your compliance messaging. You should use compliance communications to educate and entertain. They should be designed to influence employee behavior. But these Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week initiatives should only be seen as a starting point and must be followed up throughout the year.

Finally, to bring some fun to Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week (never forget that compliance should be fun); I reprise the top five episodes of one of my favorite podcast series: Trekking Through Compliance. With these five episodes, I mine Star Trek – The Original Series (TOS) for compliance lessons. The shows are Balance of Terror, Turnabout Intruder, the Apple, For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky and Day of the Dove. If you have never explored the intersection of TOS and compliance; this is the week to do so. This series will post at 4 PM CT each day.

One of the greatest things about compliance profession is that you are only limited by your own imagination. Take a listen to some or all of these podcasts and you will know what I mean. I hope you have a great Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week.


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