We had to wait an extra week for the results, but we’re finally ready to unpack what President-elect Biden’s victory means for U.S. international trade priorities in 2021 and beyond. Our friend and very special guest, Richard Mojica, helps us break down what to expect in the U.S., China, and the EU, including what may and may not change with respect to the current era of protectionism, tariffs, free trade agreements, reshoring of supply chains, human rights, and much more. Brian and Tim then revisit their recent predictions on Iran and Cuba to add some new insights based on the events of the past few weeks. Plus, in the Lightning Round, we check in on what’s happening with TikTok (no one seems to know, including the U.S. government) and briefly gaze upon OFAC’s recent advisory regarding high-value artwork to ponder what it all means.

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EMBARGOED! is intelligent talk about sanctions, export controls, and all things international trade for trade nerds and normal human beings alike, hosted by Miller & Chevalier Members Brian Fleming and Tim O’Toole. Each episode will feature deep thoughts and hot takes about the latest headline-grabbing developments in this area of the law, as well as some below-the-radar items to keep an eye on. Subscribe for new bi-weekly episodes so you don’t miss out!


0:10 Introduction and Roadmap

The Rundown: Post-election-palooza!
4:48 Beyond sanctions and export controls: what to expect from a Biden administration (with very special guest Richard Mojica)
44:40 Revisiting some of our pre-election predictions (Iran and Cuba)

1:00:36 Lightning Round
1:01:03 Checking In on TikTok
1:10:15 OFAC Art Advisory

1:17:42 Final Thoughts

***Stay sanctions free.***