In this month’s offering of 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program, you will learn about training and communication techniques that the CCO can use to provide not only a well-rounded role as a CCO but also facilitate a much more holistic approach to compliance in your organization. Best of all the techniques, discussed are largely available to you at little to no cost. There are things that you can do both in your method of running the CCO positions and innovations that you can bring to the compliance function in your organization.

A 360-degree view of compliance is an effort to incorporate your compliance identity into a holistic approach so that compliance is in touch with, and visible to, your employees at all times. It is about creating a distinctive brand philosophy of compliance which is centered on the customers of your compliance program (i.e., your employees). It helps to anticipate all the aspects of your employees needs around compliance especially when compliance is either perceived as new, something that comes out of the home office or as the Land of No. It gives you the opportunity to build a new brand image for your compliance program.

The objective is to build trust for the 360-degree process by determining if the goal was achieved. You can utilize surveys or focus groups to assess the impact on your target audience. Focusing on your customers of compliance allows you to identify gaps and improve the communication process for your compliance program.

Three key takeaways:

  1. Remember the definition of 360-degrees of compliance communications. It is an effort that moves the compliance identity into a holistic approach, so compliance is in touch and visible to your employees at all times.
  2. What is your objective? What are you trying to do with your 360-degrees view of compliance communications and how are you using that mechanism to deliver the objective your compliance program desires?
  3. You need to evaluate if the message has been delivered, has it been heard and is it being implemented?