Welcome to The Wirecard Saga. In this series, I am joined by Mikhail Reider-Gordon, Managing Director of Institutional Ethics & Integrity at Affiliated Monitors.  In this Conjunction Junction Episode, we continue our exploration of those persons, entities and governments who have been damaged, some beyond repair, by Wirecard and the nuclear fallout from its scandal.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Russia Tweets About Marsalek
  • Weigand and Akhavan Convicted in U.S.
  • Tracking Pixels
  • Fuchs Says Akhavan and Marsalek Besties
  • Oliver Hargreaves Wired For Sound
  • OneCoin Connection
  • He Works Hard For the Money
  • Paolucci Key Contact
  • Top Dog Shares Run With Wirecard
  • Kurz Flies Air Firtash
  • IT Repair Guy Does Read Your Texts
  • O’Sullivan Becomes Frau Muller With EY Blessing
  • Data Overload at IC
  • Elizabeth Has A Bad Day In the Office
  • Chief Prosecutor Doesn’t Want High Penalties