In the Episode, I visit with André H. Paris, a Brazilian Compliance Consultant and Lawyer. He is a specialist in building a Corporate Culture based on Ethics, Transparency and Respect. Paris has experience in Corporate Risk Analysis and Management, as well as in Protecting Corporate Reputation and Crisis Management. He is also quite enthusiastic on building a more ethical and transparent business environment. Paris is the author of the recently released book Compliance – Ethics and Transparency as the Way Forward.  I met Paris at a compliance conference in Brazil last year. I am always interested in the views on compliance from practitioners outside the US, most particularly those who have written on the subject. He came on to the podcast to discuss his book and the current compliance scene in Brazil. Some of the highlights include:

  • Due to the numerous corruption scandals, many Brazilian companies have experienced an extreme reputation crisis.
  • Companies have suffered substantial reputational bumps, including loss of market value, frequent presence on police pages, destroyed careers and thousands of jobs down the drain, as well as a profound brand disruption.
  • Paris believes that many of these risks should never have been taken, seeking results at any cost.
  • One of the challenges is helping the market to understand the need and value of compliance.
  • Additionally, many companies are trying to catch by creating internal structures focused on this compliance.
  • Compliance needs to be further studied and deepened. Paris believes there is the need for constant updating.
  • While the book deals with the main themes of corporate compliance, Paris both in the podcast and in his book does not shy away from expressing his opinions on topics that are often considered controversial.


To purchase a copy of  Compliance – Ethics and Transparency as the Way Forward (in Portuguese) click here

André Paris LinkedIn Profile

Jay and I take things in a different direction this week. We consider some of the year end wrap ups and pontifications of the future that recently caught our collective eyes. Jay reflects on the greatest pro football dynasty of alltime, how it got there and where it may be going.

  1. Tom goes all in on looking back and looking forward. DOJ year in review here. SEC year in review here. Issues for compliance professionals for 2020 here. Bribery schemes from 2019, here and responses to these bribery schemes here.
  2. Matt Kelly provides his take on 7 issues for 2020 in Radical Compliance. Tom and Matt go into the weeds for Part 1 on a 2-part podcast series on the veiled land of the future in Compliance into the Weeds.
  3. Mike Volkov does a podcast on the FCPA review in review. On Corruption Crime and Compliance. He also has three blog post, Part 1-a record setting year, Part 2-FCPA Enforcement Highlights and Part 3-Carnac the Magnificent.
  4. Ten top D&O stories from 2019. Kevin LaCroix on the D&O Diary.
  5. 2020 will see the convergence of ABC and human rights compliance. Allison Taylor in the FCPA Blog.
  6. The year in export trade control (and a look forward). JDSupra
  7. Dave Lefort weighs in from the EIC perspective. In Complaince Week (sub req’d)
  8. The Gibson Dunn 2019 FCPA Review is out. Check it out here.
  9. On the Compliance Podcast Network, Tom continues his 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program series.This week saw the following offerings: Day 6 details the Code of Conduct ; Day 7considers policies and procedures; Day 8 looks at internal controls; Day 9 looks at 360 degrees of compliance communications; Day 10 looks at the use of social media in compliance.
  10. Is the Patriots Dynasty over? Does Jay come to mourn TB12 or to praise him. Our thoughts on the greatest professional football dynasty of all time.

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Would you say empowering your employees is important? I feel pretty confident your answer is “yes”. However, the leaders I know, the leaders I work with, the leaders I teach, many of them say yes, too — but they are not taking action consistently to empower their people. The result? Leaders, teams, and companies are missing out on achieving unprecedented success!  Empowering employees affects both a company’s culture and the bottom-line.

In today’s episode we are digging into what is holding leaders back from effectively empowering their employees. I also walk you briefly through the “Levels of Empowerment” we teach in one of the Leadership Development sessions we teach to company leadership teams. We wrap up talking about how empowerment is a win-win-win strategy.

Choose today to put your stake in the ground, make a plan, and then take action to be the leader known for empowering employees the best!  It’s time to #LevelUp!

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Richard Lummis and I are back and today for our initial podcast of 2020 and the second decade of the 21stCentury. Today, we take a look at leadership lessons from the rise and fall of Adam Neumann, the former CEO of WeWork.

Highlights of this podcast include:

  1. How did Neumann obtain the amplified shareholder rights and how did that contribute to his downfall?
  2. What was the role of Softbank in enabling Neumann?
  3. What is the role of a visionary after the vision is gone?
  4. How was Neumann enabled by the conflicts of interest?
  5. Where were the professional managers for WeWork?
  6. Why was the abortive IPO pulled and what does it demonstrate about leadership in a company seeking to go public?


Curse of the Cult of the Founder

The Rise and Fall of Adam Neumann

Adam Neumann’s Over the Top Style

Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley. In this episode, Lisa Fine has a conversation with Olga Pontes, the Chief Compliance Officer at Odebrecht SA.

What do you do when faced with the largest foreign bribery case of all time?  In Odebrecht’s case they identified a fearless leader who would face the big job ahead of being the new Chief Compliance Officer of the company with optimism and strength.  Meet Olga Pontes, the executive and Great Woman in Compliance tasked with leading the Compliance function and post settlement workstreams including project managing multiple monitorships!

We speak with Olga, who started out her career as an external auditor at a big four firm, about what it was like commencing the Odebrecht role three years ago compared with how she is feeling further down the track with a lot of hard work under her the belt of her team and seek her advice for other multi-national corporations who are at the beginning of a similarly daunting situation having recently settled with regulators.  Olga also shares her major goal for going into 2020 with our audience.

As we go into a new year, we take the time to plan ahead and strategically think about our professional goals. In Lisa and Mary’s case it’s a time to reflect on the previous year of podcast episodes and direct our thoughts to what we wish to achieve for the Great Women in Compliance podcast in the year ahead to best benefit our audience.  As always, we welcome your thoughts to inform this process.  Is there anything you want to see more of, you think we should stop doing or start doing?  If so, we’re all ears.  We strongly believe that when you stop accepting feedback, you stop developing so we make a conscious effort to seek feedback that not only helps give our listeners what they want, but also helps us become better at our labor of love hobby, making podcasts!  Wishing all of our listeners a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.

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