En este episodio nos acompaña, Maximiliano (“Maxi”) D’Auro, socio en el despacho Beccar Varela. Maxi tiene amplia experiencia en todos los aspectos relacionados con leyes y regulaciones anticorrupción y compliance. Maxi nos platica sobre desarrollos en materia de anticorrupción y compliance en Argentina y comparte sus reacciones a los resultados de la Encuesta de Corrupción en América Latina.

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¡(H)Ola Compliance! no tiene la intención y no se puede considerar como asesoramiento legal; el contenido solo refleja los pensamientos y opiniones de sus anfitriones.

¡(H)Ola Compliance! explora la ola de cumplimiento de anticorrupción que ha surgido por Latinoamérica. Inmerso en su cariño para la región, Matteson Ellis y Alejandra Montenegro Almonte (Socios de Miller & Chevalier), navegan las aguas de regulaciones de cumplimiento corporativo desde sus oficinas en Washington, DC y trazan las normas de anticorrupción que afectan a la región.  A la vez destacan los desafíos y oportunidades que enfrentan las empresas comprometidas a la ética. ¿Te sientes que estás nadando contra la corriente? ¡Entonces tome la ola de cumplimiento en ¡(H)Ola Compliance!

Arguably there is no more major a case in modern history than the Ponzi Scheme perpetrated against thousands of victims for more than three decades by the notorious Bernie Madoff.

Join us each week as we take a deep dive into the various forms of fraud across the world and discuss crime families, penny stock boiler rooms, international money launderers, narco-traffickers, oligarchs, dictators, warlords, kleptocrats and more.

Scott Moritz is a leading authority on white-collar crime, anti-corruption, and in the evaluation, design, remediation, implementation, and administration of corporate compliance programs, codes of conduct. He is also considered an authority in the establishment, training, and oversight of the investigative protocols carried out by financial intelligence, corporate security, and internal audit units.


Affiliated Monitors Managing Director Don Stern hosts an engaging conversation with the Former Deputy Attorney General, King & Spalding’s Rod Rosenstein, and Affiliated Monitors Managing Director Eric Feldman as they commence a two-part podcast on “The Past, Present and Future of Compliance and Independent Monitoring.”

In part one, the trio looks at compliance, with a particular focus on the DOJ guidance as it has been articulated over the past two years. The panel discusses where compliance is now, where it is headed, and what companies might do to prepare for the closer look that they might receive from increased DOJ scrutiny under the current administration. In two weeks, the panel will return for part two, where they will shift their attention to monitoring. As is our “Integrity Through Compliance” tradition, Rod and Eric will share their key takeaways on

1. Investing in compliance brings a positive return on investment
2. Compliance is about culture and not just the written rules
3. Compliance policies need to be reviewed on a regular basis

1. Compliance programs should be based on actual risks of your company
2. Take a strong look at how and whether the company is incentivizing the right kind of behavior.

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Brian and Tim tackle the big news that formal talks are finally starting on JCPOA 2.0.  We break down what that means for the U.S., Iran, and what sanctions relief may look like under a revised deal.  Then, we give the Lightning Round treatment to the latest U.S. announcement regarding Hong Kong, more Burma sanctions, the possible elimination of an important OFAC general license in Belarus, the end of the ICC sanctions program, and a recent OFAC enforcement action against Nordgas.

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Lightning Round
Hong Kong is Still Part of the PRC
More Burma Sanctions
A Belarus Segment!
ICC E.O. May Be Revoked
OFAC Settlement with Nordgas

Final Thoughts

***Stay sanctions free.***