Do you struggle to demonstrate the business value of compliance? 

Do you find it difficult to stay current with government pronouncement and industry advances in compliance?  

Do you have trouble separating the compliance “wheat” of useful information from the “chaff” of useless reports, issued almost daily?

Are you frustrated by compliance information overload?

Most compliance practitioners are like firefighters.  

You spend every day putting out fires, dealing with one emergency after another.  

But in addition to putting out fires, you literally drink from the fire hose of compliance commentary.  

This is where many compliance professionals hit a brick wall.  

Does this sound familiar?  

The proliferation of compliance related materials is often seen as information overload. The resulting executive or client demands and expectations have turned our livelihoods into bona fide pressure cookers.  

Because it's not possible to read every piece of information and put it all into practice.  

What you need is a trusted source who can provide you solid, insightful, and ultimately useful compliance information.  

I'm Tom Fox, the Compliance Evangelist. I am passionate about compliance. I have worked in compliance, either inside a corporation and as an outside consultant, for over 10 years. 

I am the author of 12 books on compliance, leadership, and business ethics. I have written over 2000 blogs on compliance, as the founder of the FCPA Compliance and Ethics blog, contributing editor for the FCPA Blog, editorial Board member of the SCCE blog, and featured columnist for Compliance Week. I am also the founder of the Compliance Podcast Network.  

You could say I live and breathe all things compliance (well, that, cycling, rock ‘n roll, and sports).  

I've been doing compliance for more than 10 years and have experienced everything listed above.  

I know what information overload is like in the corporate world: To not have time to think, to try to work within unrealistic expectations, and to not have anyone to share your frustrations.

I’ve dealt with the continued blasts of compliance related information every day.  

Frustrated and overwhelmed, how do you cut through the white noise to determine what you really need to know?  

As someone who has come up through the ranks the same way you have, I understand WHY compliance professionals get stuck in this situation.  

And I know what it’s like to come out on the other side, filter through all the information, and focus my time on the creation and execution of successful compliance programs.  

Imagine what THAT would look like:

  • You have one place to consistently turn to for all top compliance information and updates on the nuts and bolts of compliance.
  • You have the tools, resources, and confidence to excel in your career.  
  • You know how to operationalize your compliance program to meet Justice Department, SEC expectations, and other regulatory requirements.  
  • You’re provided the most current information on the DOJ and SEC’s thinking about what should go into a best practices compliance program.  
  • Your trained by a mentor who can help you excel in your career and reach your professional goals.  
  • You have strategic insight to demonstrate to executives that proves compliance is an investment, not an expense.  
  • Your compliance function will drive real business results. 

Sounds like a compliance professional’s dream, right? But it's totally possible.  

So how do you go from where you are now to this Compliance dream life?  

This is how....!!

Introducing...the Doing Compliance Masterclass Series

Compliance practitioners seek a trusted partner who delivers relevant content to them, which can be used to solve a wide variety of issues, even those outside the anti-corruption compliance space. They seek a service that delivers timely topical information they can trust, is relevant to their business function, and comes at a reasonable cost.  

As one of the leading commentators in the compliance space for several years, I bring a unique insight into what many companies have done right and many have done not so well over the years.  

This professional experience enables me to put together a unique training program for any professional who wants to succeed in compliance.  

Simply stated, there is no other resource on the market like it.  

Armed with the information you receive as part of this masterclass, you will be able to implement or enhance your compliance program with action steps you can take at no, little, or reasonable cost. 

Here’s what the Doing Compliance Masterclass Series will include:

  • Each month you access a members only webinar on how to do compliance in your organization;
  • Listen live or download and listen at any point during the month, as often as you’d like;
  • Each webinar includes a Q&A&with myself, the Compliance Evangelist. 

The Investment

The investment is a little more than a dollar a day.  

You can have your own monthly webinar on a top compliance related topic for only $79 per month.  

Come on, now, most of you spend that much or more on Starbucks every week! That's seriously it. It's $79 per month, and the payment recurs each month.  

Any other top rated webinar will cost you between $100-$150 per event.  

There is no risk to you. You can cancel at any time, but I’m going to make sure you find this content so valuable, you never want to.  

What are you waiting for?