In today’s edition of Daily Compliance News:

  • Watergate style reforms for Trump corruption? (Politico)
  • TikTok says Beijing will determine is deal is approved. (WSJ)
  • Trump Administration continues to gut USPS. (WaPo)
  • Jack Dorsey invests in racial economic equality. (NYT)

On this special bonus episode of The Ethics Experts, we speak with Loren Sanders about how many different Learning and Development buckets there are, how vendors catch CVS’s attention, and how to get their business once their attention is captured.

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CONVERGE is in its 5th year of bringing together the world’s leading companies for 2 days of dynamic speakers, thought-provoking breakout sessions, and opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. This year the conference has gone virtual. You will leave the conference with new resources and best practices allowing you to continue the hard work of driving ethics to the center of your business. In today’s episode I visit with Mary Shirley. We visit about her panel at Converge20 on Bypassing burnout: Maximize your ethical impact, grow your career, and empower your team.


Mary is Senior Director, Ethics and Compliance , Fresenius Medical Care North America. In this session, you will learn how to be a more powerful force for good within your organizations from a group of growth-oriented compliance pros. For more registration and information on Converge20, click here.

As with the other components of the COSO Cube, the objective of Information and Communication is not to be taken in a vacuum. Indeed, one of the more interesting aspects of this objective is that it runs not only vertically but also horizontally.

Principle 13: Use of relevant and quality information.

Principle 14: Communicate internally.

Principle 15: Communicate externally.

Discussion. Obviously, there must be communications up and down from the Board but also within an organization for dissemination of the appropriate compliance related information. For this principle, the CCO or compliance practitioner should also evaluate the communication lines to third parties. This communication can flow both ways, as noted, with compliance obligations to third parties but also information in the form of compliance issues back from third parties.

Joe Howell noted “communication internally is how you establish the communications with your sales organization, with your sales operations. How do you establish communications with the legal organization? How do you establish information with the post-sales organizations? Even with the auditors, and your internal auditors and your external auditors and the board, to give the Audit Committee of the Board comfort that the company has put in place the right levels of controls.”

Three key takeaways:

  1. Consider the use of relevant and quality information.
  2. You need to document your internal communications so auditors can review the audit trail.
  3. This objective relates to your third-party compliance program.

En este episodio de ¡(H)Ola Compliance!, Matt y Alejandra continúan su análisis de la Encuesta Sobre Corrupción en América Latina 2020 enfocándose en los avances y desafíos en la implementación de programas de cumplimiento. Desde políticas y procedimientos, capacitaciones, monitoreo de terceros, y líneas de alertas e investigaciones los programas de cumplimiento en la región están evolucionando. Pero no sin sus retos. ¿Cómo se compara tu programa de cumplimiento? ¡Únete a nuestra discusión para medirlo!

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¡(H)Ola Compliance! explora la ola de cumplimiento de anticorrupción que ha surgido por Latinoamérica. Inmerso en su cariño para la región, Matteson Ellis y Alejandra Montenegro Almonte (Socios de Miller & Chevalier), navegan las aguas de regulaciones de cumplimiento corporativo desde sus oficinas en Washington, DC y trazan las normas de anticorrupción que afectan a la región.  A la vez destacan los desafíos y oportunidades que enfrentan las empresas comprometidas a la ética. ¿Te sientes que estás nadando contra la corriente? ¡Entonces tome la ola de cumplimiento en ¡(H)Ola Compliance!