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The Five Essential Elements of a Corporate Compliance Program”, scheduled for publication, SCCE Magazine, December 2013

“The Drugstore Cowboy and Compliance” Aegis Journal, Volume 16, Number 06.

“The Lance Armstrong Confession – Lessons in Ethics and Compliance”, @Law, The NALS Magazine For Legal Professionals, Summer 2013, Vol. 62, Issue 1

The LIBOR Scandal – Teachable Moments for the Compliance Practitioner”,  SCCE Magazine, June 2013

“The Lilly FCPA Enforcement Action – Key Lessons Learned”, Compliance Today, May 2013

“Transaction Monitoring as the New Best Practice?”, Ethisphere Magazine\\2013\\Q1

 “The Pfizer DPA: The new minimum best practices for a FCPA compliance program?”, Compliance Today, December 2012

“Board Responsibility Under the FCPA”, The Corporate Board, August/July 2012

“Senator Specter Answered: Indictments against Individual Siemens Employees”, LexisNexis Emerging Issues Analysis, January 2012

“Best Practices in Anti-Corruption: The UK Bribery Act Guidance”, Compliance and Ethics Magazine, Volume 7, Number 6, (December 2010)

“U.K. Bribery Act Guidance Released”, ABA Section of International Law, International Anti-Corruption Newsletter, October 2010

“FCPA Compliance and Continuous Controls Monitoring”, Compliance and Ethics Magazine, Volume 7, Number 4, (August 2010)

“Plotting a steady course in Venezuelan business” Latin Lawyer, Volume 9, Issue 6 (July 2010)(with Sotillo and Lozier)

“Effective Ethics and Compliance Training under the FCPA” Compliance and Ethics Magazine, Volume 7, Number 2, (April 2010)

“Complacent About Compliance” CTO Forum, February, 2010

“Risk-Based Due Diligence for Supply Chain Vendors Under the FCPA” Compliance and Ethics Magazine, Volume 7, Number 1, (February 2010)

“Risk Based Compliance – A Framework for Analysis” Corporate Compliance Insights, November 9, 2009

“Business Partner Due Diligence: Selecting and Managing Agents, Joint Ventures and Consultants’  Compliance and Ethics Magazine, Volume 6, Number 2, (August 2009)

“Gifts and Entertainment under the FCPA” Corporate Compliance Insights, (July 23, 2009)

“FCPA Compliance and FCPA Enforcement: A Look Ahead to 2009 and Beyond,” Corporate Compliance Insights, May 19, 2009

“How to Keep the Genie in the Bottle: Trade Secret Protection-A Primer,” 20 Corporate Counsel Review No. 1 (May 2000).

“I Want My Money Back,” 18 Corporate Counsel Review  No.2 (October 1999).

Greeks, New Orleans and the Texas Anti-Indemnity Act: the Fifth Circuit Opinion in Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s London v. Oryx Energy Company,” 9 Coverage 1 (Jan./Feb. 1999).

“‘Knock for Knock’ No Longer Equal: Fifth Circuit Reinterpretation of the Insurance Obligations in the Texas Anti-indemnity Statute,” International Insurance Law Review, June 1998.

“Risk Shifting from Ethyl to Green: Fork in the Road or New Path?” The Houston Lawyer, July/August 1998.

“No Duty to Notify: Texas Supreme court Declines to Create a New Duty,” Oil & Gas Law and Taxation Review, February 1999.

“Joint Defense Agreements,” Strategic Research Institute, March 1997.

“Multi-Party Trial Alternatives,” Texas Corporate Counsel Law Review, Spring 1997.

“It’s a Privilege to Audit: Self-auditing Laws Facilitate Cleanups and Provide Protection Against Discovery,” Soil & Groundwater Cleanup, January 1997.

“Alternatives for Resolution of Mass Toxic Tort Litigation Cases: A Discussion of Class Action Certification, Summary Jury Trials, Bell Weather Plaintiff Trials, and Other Alternatives for Management of and Resolution of Mass Toxic Tort Litigation Matters,” Toxic Tort Litigation, December 1996.

“Saving Costs Through Sharing Costs: How and When to Utilize Joint Defense Agreements in Mass Toxic Tort Litigation,” Texas Corporate Counsel Law Review, Winter 1996.

“Gatekeeper Hearings in Texas State And Federal Courts: a Discussion of Daubert and Robinson Hearings and Queries for Preparation,” Clyde & Co., November 1996.

“Discovery Concerns in Environmental Litigation: State Audit Privilege and Other Privileges To Consider in Environmental Litigation,” Environmental Law Update 1996.

“The Deferral Policy Revised . . . from Spielberg to Suburban Motors,” Journal of Collective Negotiations in the Public Sector, Vol. II, No. 3, 1982, with Glenna M. Witt and M.J. Fox, Jr.

“The Weingarten Doctrine,” The Arbitration Journal, 40(2), with Louis V. Baldoven, Jr. and M.J. Fox, Jr.

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