It is hard to say which part of being the Compliance Evangelist I enjoy the most; book writing, speaking, blogging, teaching, column writing, mentoring, consulting or podcasting. I do know one of the things I am most proud of is the creation of the Compliance Podcast Network; the only podcast network in compliance. Today I am very excited to announce several major changes for the Compliance Podcast Network, which will allow it to continue to be the leader in bringing compliance information to you in the podcast format.

I am pleased to reveal two new podcasts which will premier this week. The first is Popcorn and Compliance – At the movies with Tom and Jay.In this new series, recovering screenwriter (and FCPA Monitor) Jay Rosen and I will indulge in passion for the movies by looking at them through the lens of compliance. Jay is a contemporary movie fan and I am more of a classic movie maven so we present a well-rounded view of the movie fandom. To jump start the series, Jay and I revisited the intersection of Star Wars and compliance in five episodes this week. For our first full episode, we will look at Bohemian Rhapsody, so check it out  on Saturday, December 8th. So if you want to indulge in your love for the movies with two guys who are passionate about Hollywood and get some ideas for your compliance program, this is the podcast series for you.

The second podcast opens on Wednesday, when the Compliance Podcast Network will premier its first non-Tom Fox led podcast developed by two well-known compliance professionals, Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley, Great Women in Compliance. The idea for the podcast started at the SCCE CEI, where Mary, Lisa and I were talking about some of the challenges for women in compliance.  The conversation quickly turned into a plan for an interview, which is the first episode of the podcast.  The objectives include the following:

First, to provide a forum to celebrate and recognize phenomenal women throughout the compliance world who are working every day to improve ethics and compliance throughout their organizations.  Some of the interviewees are the trailblazers in our industry, and others are starting out their careers, but all are contributing to compliance.  Many of these women are the experts in different subject matters areas, such as higher education, creating a culture of compliance, data privacy and internal investigations. The women (and men) who will be a part of the podcast will also be talking about hot topics in compliance for women, including women on boards; investigations in the #MeToo era, and cultural concerns for women who are working in or with global compliance practices.   In their first episode (labeling the initial episode as Episode 0 is what we do in podcasting), I interviewed Mary and Lisa on why they desired to start this podcast and what they hoped to achieve through it. I am extraordinarily excited they have decided to start this podcast. Frankly, I cannot wait to see where you take it. I think it is going to be fabulous and it will be not only a resource for women in the compliance profession but, more importantly, for the entire compliance community.

As to why they wanted to start a podcast, Mary said “I think one of the biggest reasons was to develop a network for women in compliance going forward, so there is a place to go and people can hear the different career paths and the interesting work that women are doing in this field. There are tremendous women that have really led this whole profession.” Lisa noted, “I believe that women should be seen in business. I believe that women have a huge part to play but it is important to understand that women have earned that position. So the idea of this podcast was really to showcase the immense amount of talent that we have from the woman in the profession as well as the support that they give each other,  as well as the support we’ve received from men in the profession.” For the full flavor of what these ladies are going to put into the podcast arena, check out their first podcast on Wednesday. Finally, you can contact Lisa or Mary through LinkedIn and the Great Women in Compliance podcast community if there are any topics or ideas that you would like to hear more about in this podcast.

Most of you know I started The Daily Compliance News series in November. I had intended to run it as a two-month pilot to see if there was enough interest in warranting its moving from “interim” to “full-time status”. Well based upon the feedback I received, literally from across the globe, of folks taking up to my offer to have a cup of coffee with Tom and check in with some of the day’s top compliance, corruption and/or ethics stories this will become a permanent installment in the Compliance Podcast Network. Each podcast is short, at only 4 minutes tops, so you do not have to take long or go past one cup of coffee to enjoy it.

As of today, I have migrated over to a new platform, the Megaphone platform, on the Panoply Network. This puts the Compliance Podcast Network in some very august company, with entities such as The Atlantic, Viacom, Slate, WSJ, Bloomberg, BET, Politico, Gimlet and Buzz. These networks include shows such as Slate’s Money and Political Gabfest,  You Must Remember This, Rolling Stone’s Music Now and Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History. 

This new platform will give me much greater flexibility to distribute podcasts. If you have ever wanted to start a podcast and did not know how to do so or even how to begin, the Compliance Podcast Network may well be a home network for you. If you are interested in starting a podcast or moving over to the largest distribution platform in compliance, give me a call and let’s talk as I am committed to creating a true industry leader in this arena.

In addition to all of the above, I am developing several other podcasts which will premier in January. So stay tuned as lots of exciting things are going on with the Compliance Podcast Network. I am even developing podcasts for in-house compliance programs so if you would like to take your message of compliance and your compliance communications to your employees through medium of podcasting, give me a shout.

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