We are at the last Wednesday of this most difficult year. This week I am exploring some of the top stories through the eyes of my readers and listeners. Monday, I looked at my top five blog posts on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog and Tuesday, I considered my top five podcasts over the past 12 months, based upon the numbers of listeners. Today, I want to list the Top 5 non-Tom Fox podcasts on The Compliance Podcast Network.

  1. 1.  STAKE-The Leadership Podcast with Alyson Van Hooser – Performance Evaluations — Cut or Keep?

Alyson Van Hooser is on a sold-out mission to develop highly successful leaders at all levels. After 15 years of working throughout the food, finance, retail and political industries, she is deeply aware of the powerful effects of leadership. Each episode provides strategies and actions you can use immediately to change you, your team and your business. The question is, will you choose to own it? Will you put your stake in the ground and decide to do something with what you’ve learned today?

Coming in as the top podcast on the Compliance Podcast Network in 2020 was this gem from Van Hooser where she explored an always difficult leadership question – whether you should cut or keep performance evaluations. Thinking you should take it easy on your employees – maybe even yourself – during this crazy pandemic season of work-life? Alyson advises to “Pump the brakes on that thought for a second!” She concludes, “regardless of what difficult cuts leaders (maybe you are the leader) have had to make during this pandemic season of work-life, one thing is for sure – performance evaluations must be kept, not cut.”

2.    Great Women in Compliance – Fabiana Lacerca-Allen on the tribe that surrounds you

For a long time, compliance was perceived as a part of the larger legal world. Today, compliance is its own profession — a place where people work tirelessly to make the world a better place, one where doing the right thing is the standard for everyone. There are a lot of amazing and inspirational women who have helped the compliance field develop into what it is today and women who are joining this field every day. They are leading the work on cutting-edge issues and breaking barriers for women. Join Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine as they talk with women in compliance who are making a difference.

In this episode, Mary Shirley visited with Fabiana Lacerca-Allen, the Senior Vice President of Compliance at Aimmune Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company developing treatments for potentially life-threatening food allergies. Practicing law and compliance for more than 25 years, Lacerca’s passion as a compliance leader stems from values instilled in her at an early age and have helped to shape her career path as a global thought leader in law and compliance.

  1. The Walden Pond – Compliance Predictions for 2021 with Aaron Nicodemus of Compliance Week

The world isn’t simple anymore, and on The Walden Pond podcast, your host, anti-fraud expert Vince Walden, is talking to experts about the technology and compliance trends you need to know about to keep your compliance and fraud detection programs relevant. If you’re looking for insights that are practical, timely and innovative… Welcome to the Pond.

In this topical episode Walden was joined by Aaron Nicodemus a staff writer and reporter at Compliance Week. They discussed a recent report authored by COSO and shared new recommendations for managers and executives to manage compliance risks. Internal audit professionals would be the compliance professionals most familiar with COSO, as they set the guidelines for Sarbanes-Oxley internal controls compliance. The report, titled “Compliance Risk Management: Applying the COSO ERM Framework,” was like a collaboration between accountants and attorneys, according to Vince.

Nicodemus believes that compliance should not be viewed as a low-level function, rather it should be viewed as a strategic partnership with a business to run their operations and initiatives according to the rulebook, in order to avoid missteps and minimize risk.

  1. The AMI Expert Podcast Series – Costs Around Monitors

Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (AMI) provides professional independent integrity monitoring and ethics and compliance assessments nationally and internationally and across almost all industries. With its knowledge of effective ethics and compliance programs and cultures, AMI is respected for its work as the corporate monitor on matters ranging from multi-national corporations to small and mid-size companies, and even individuals. This podcast series highlights all aspects of monitorships, working with monitors and how monitors can be used as independent integrity specialists.

In this episode, Jay Rosen, AMI’s Vice President of Business Development and Monitoring Specialist, looked at cost issues when hiring a monitor and how a company can work to ameliorate them. You can do so by laying out the overall scope of the monitorship, including the frequency of engagement by the monitor and duration of the monitorship. How a robust monitor’s Workplan can help to cost control issues. Finally, how selective sampling is a powerful tool and why it can be a cost-saving measure.

  1. The Ethics Movement – Asha Palmer on Passion About Who and What She Is Through Compliance

This podcast features Convercent thought leadership. From the Converge Community to the Converge Conference and everything in between; Convercent helps lead the conversation on driving ethics to the core of business. The Ethics Movement explores this cutting-edge topic.

In a special podcast series celebrating Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week 2020, Convercent employees spoke on why they are so passionate about driving ethics to the heart of business. In this episode, I visited with Asha Palmer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer & EVP, Converge at Convercent. She feels that compliance is the culmination of her professional career about who she is and what she stands for. She has a great passion about passing along her zeal for compliance to the next generation of compliance professionals. The passion comes through on this podcast.